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Congrats! Brandon Womack (Cornell) = 2017 NCAA DI All-American!!
(03-25-2017, 08:47 AM)focus2win Wrote: ...So Byron gets the title of first DI AA from Alabama and does indeed presently have a stronger post high school resume.  Would love to know more about him from those of you that know... could only find him shown in Brian Hoyt's site for 1974 (1st at 112) and 1976 (1st at 119) and was wondering about 1975?  At some point, BamaGrappler, I need to double check my memory but your list should also include Ray Downey... I know he went to the big show in 1978 I believe as an SEC champ from Auburn.  Anyone know anything about Jack Wurster from Carver in Birmingham (didn't even remember they had a team back then) from around that time... I know from another source that he wrestled with accomplishment after high school, but it may have been in Olympic styles?

Thanks for the note on Downey.  Added to the above list now.  Doing my homework, he was a 2x qualifier.  (1978 and 1979)
Still learning about those before my time.  Still adding.  Any info helps.  Found Mark Snider and Leif Erickson - both now also added to the above list.

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