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College results and forum
Hello everyone, I hope you had a great year of wrestling this past year. I was wondering why we don't have a forum for college wrestling. I would love to hear what is going on with Branden Brindley, the Cuthbersons, Anthony Bruno, Blake Suttles and other Alabama wrestlers that I followed during their careers. It is talked about constantly on our forums about wrestling in college and this is one of the things that all parents would like to see their sons be able to accomplish in their career. Just like in high school being involved in a sport can really help a student to focus on studies and basically staying out of trouble and getting involved in activities that lead them away from what they are in college for. Education. The one thing I really learned in Ben's first year of college wrestling is the opportunity is really out there for the taking. Alabama and Auburn both have teams that compete in the NCWA. They need help with those two programs badly by people who live in the area. They need guidance and coaching and leadership. We are lucky that Ben is going to MMI and the Hazelwinikle brothers are running their program. They are doing a great job but they are getting up their in age and probably won't be around for a long time. The good thing about wrestling in the NCWA is the teams compete against a lot of Div. II and III teams so the coaches of these teams are seeing Ben wrestle. Nothing better than going out and competing against a school you might like to attend, and a good chance to impress a coach with what you have to offer. My point is, the opportunities are out there more so than I even realized. Marlin Morgan who placed 3rd at State last year for Buckhorn is at MMI and placed 8th at nationals. He has improved tremendously and is glad to have the opportunity to compete. Terrance Smith I know many of you remember got 2nd place at conference and then went to Nationals and matched that. I believe Corey Parker who went to Limestone College red-shirted this year. Ethan Holbrook is wrestling for Cumberland College I think. Is Gunny Hoyt still at Shorter? Ben went 43-5 and placed 7th at Nationals losing to the 2nd place finisher by 2 points and losing to the 3rd place finisher by 1 point after leading by 5. That doesn't happen hardly ever but he has a lot to learn still. But he had a great season. He's enjoying it and I believe it keeps him focused on why he is there.
So is there a way to get a college forum on this site? I hope so.

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