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Wrestling Tournaments
Hello Alabama Wrestling,
I've created a website where you can post all of your tournaments and you can search for tournaments.  So if you are hosting a tournament and want to advertise or if you are looking for a tournament check out  It's really just a simple Google site and it's all free.

I'd also like to invite some AL teams to my first tournament at my new school.  As far as I know it is one of the very few 1 day Varsity and JV tournaments.  I've also got a later weigh in to allow for teams to travel.
1st Annual
Medieval Brawl
Saturday December 30th 2017
JV and Varsity Tournaments

Tournament Information:
Rosters Due Thursday December 28th at 6pm
Weigh in at 8am (Zero Changes will be made after 7:59am)
Tournament Starts at 10am Sharp! No Breaks! All matches run on all mats all day!
$10 entry fee for each wrestler submitted on or before Dec. 28th 6pm
Medals for top 4 in Varsity and top 2 in JV
JV and Varsity Tournaments run on Trackwrestling
Format Double Elimination in Varsity and JV will be brackets or round robin depending on size.
Seeding: 1)Head to Head, 2)Common Opponent 3)State Placer 4) Record at weight class
Location: Nolensville High School 1600 Summerlyn Dr. Nolensville TN 37135

Email me back if you are interested!

Thank you,
Josh Peck
Nolensville Knights Wrestling
We are located Just south of Nashville at 1600 Summerlyn Dr. Nolensville TN 37135 if you want to check out the driving time.

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