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Super sectionals opinion
Here are my thoughts about the new super sectionals. First, the positives.
1. Finished early enough to eat dinner and rest
2. Stadium seating
3. Getting to see other classifications

Now, in my opinion there were many "issues"
1. Starting a full day early puts an extra strain on already tight wrestling travel budgets
2. Brackets not ready early because of the numerous coin tosses( the new seeding criteria is a whole different monster of issues)
3. Almost an hour late start. Again see number 2
4. You can't see the time etc on the computer score boards. Towers are much better
5. It is miserably hot in the arena
6. Teams can't have coolers which wouldn't be a problem if the concession had enough food without running out. Overheard hospitality room ran out too
7. Speaking of concessions, if you weigh in at 7 you shouldn't have to wait till after 9 for them to open
8. What is with the bathroom monitors and seat monitors?!? You put your foot against a seat and they swarm to make you move it!
9. Not the best location
So, why are we doing this again?!? Thank goodness state is much better! It is not quite as bad as it used to be at Pelham, but it reminds me of why everyone was so glad to move away from Birmingham hosting. To hear the announcer say several times thanks to the center for allowing us to be there. I'm sure the crossplex wasn't free so they didn't "allow" us there.
Hopefully tomorrow will be better!
There was some great wrestling today, I'm looking forward to several great matches!
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So while I didn't attend this year, watching online for each "Super Section" it seems like the timing of this event is dragging out. At 8:00 PM the North Section is on 220 lbs and the South is at 126 lbs....What use to take 8 hours has drug out into two plus days...and I feel for those teams that have to drive back to North Alabama tonight after this is over. For the South teams...hopefully you'll be done by 10 and may God protect you all on your way home tonight. Maybe next year the AHSAA will review this event to make it better...and more timely.
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super south in one word-terrible. its 11pm and still here. drive to home 2.5 hrs, home at 2am. wifi kept crashing, did not know who was wrestling. concessions the worst-cheeseburgers which were at best average 5 dollars. they wanted everybody to eat there but only choices were hot dog/stale dogs and hamburgers. only 3 lines for concessions, wait times horrible. wrestlers had to eat outside in the cold. concession could have made tons of money if they brought in food from chick filet, had cold cut sandwiches and had chickenstips, fries, and more items in general. could have done 1 more round 1st night which ended at 5;30 and had 4 mats for 6a. agree exciting to have all sections but must more than tweek, needs reconstuctive surgery. referees were excellent all in all, and 2 refs per match was nice. they did not do extra round 1st night because of potential loss of revenue
Day two
When we walked in it was much cooler so kudos for that!! They had adjusted the screen to be able to see what school each wrestler was from and began announcing wrestler names. I forgot mention yesterday that they finally taped mat numbers on the mats halfway through when they got tired of wrestlers reporting to the wrong mat. It was also good to see many of the seats filled with fans today.
The biggest problem today (other than concessions) was dragging this out. There is no need for this to take all day on Saturday. I guess this was our punishment for leaving early last night.
They should have done the first round of conso for 6a last night to speed this along. Hopefully they will adjust this for next year. It is way too long for wrestlers (or parents) to have to sit in between matches
Great job overall by the refs today. With the exception of one particular ref that many teams were complaining about, clear calls with minimal questioning by coaches which is a rarity. Having two refs per match helped tremendously.
As far as the wrestling goes the second day proved to be exciting as ever. There were some tough ones in each division. Can't beat those conso semi matches for intensity!
I don't know about you, pintowin, but I am exhausted after yesterday. There was no need for that to drag on past 8:00pm (I understand the South had it way worse).

And regarding the concessions at the South, if it was anything like Barry Mask, I certainly feel for you.

Back to the North, I talked with the supervisor of officials after it was over, and he said they should have stayed longer on Friday night. Maybe one more round of consoles - or even two. I think they will get better next year.

It was MUCH cooler in the building Saturday which made for a more enjoyable experience, but there have to be some adjustments for next year.

1. The food issue. Wrestlers have to eat healthy, non-concession food, and to not allow them into the building is asinine. Saturday they brought in some salads and sandwiches for sale and they weren't that bad and were reasonably priced. I also noticed bananas and oranges at the concession stand that weren't there on Friday. The staff was friendly and helpful.

2. Start earlier on Friday (9:00am instead of 10:00am) and and wrestle at least one more round.

3. MY GOODNESS, THE MEDAL CEREMONIES. You can't take 8-10 minutes to wrestle a weight class, then stop everything for 5-6 minutes to award medals. That's 3 1/2 hours to wrestle the finals, and Lord knows it took at LEAST that long. Save the big ceremony for the State.

4. Traffic. After Friday's matches I left the venue to attempt to get home to Huntsville. Literally, I sat outside the venue in traffic for 20 minutes and no one was directing traffic. Someone was posted at the exit Saturday night and it ran much better.

5. Venue was fantastic as far as viewing goes. Could see everything except the score. Hopefully they will get the towers next year.
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The south venue was worse. cars broken into, food was high, couldn't see the mats clearly, seats terrible for a 14 hour day, etc.

There should have been no reason we stayed there until almost 11pm. I enjoyed the other matches but there was no reason for 5a to be there. Could have run 5a in a day.

We spent most of or time waiting on 6a and 4a to finish (they needed the mats). The schedule said rolling and they took breaks and lunches. Some championship wrestlers waited almost 3 hours between matches and only wrestled 1 time Friday.

It was a good idea but i liked the schools for 5a being able to host and make some money. Save the state format for state and make this event parent and wrestler friendly again.

Anyone know how the kid taken out on the stretcher in 1-4a is doing? Was proud of the people at venue giving him a hand as he left. Also, the 6a kid without his full legs wrestling should be an inspiration to us all..

Good wrestling but needs venue and format improvement...See you guys at state we at least know what to expect there...
Montgomery left a bad taste in my mouth literally and figuratively. Concessions were the same as Barry Mask so I had to have my son come out to the car to eat Subway with me. $3 for a fountain soda?? A bunch of cars were broken into, luckily not mine although they only could have taken my dirty laundry. At Barry Mask my Kindle was stolen from the Embassy Suites and Amazon tells me it was re-registered by someone else. I was fortunate not to fall asleep driving home, got back at 12:30am. The bleachers cannot be sat in for 16 hours. The Montgomery police sure liked to stand in between the mats blocking everyone's view and who is going to tell them to move? I thought the fans did a great job sitting down around the chains so everyone could see. I loved how close we could get to the mats. Ridiculous how Barry Mask could fit 8 mats but Sectionals could only use 6. The venue could probably hold 16 easily. I still don't like the concrete floors and the space in between the mats. Someone is going to split their skull open.

The wrestling was great. Seeing so many good friends was a lot of fun. Some big upsets in the South. All 9 kids on our little Spain Park team qualified which was tremendously exciting and the team came in 6th. The talk of the tournament was Auburn and where the heck did they come from? They will be a difference maker next week.

Did I mention how bad the seeding was? The Hammond kid ranked #1 at 195 went 0-2 and wasn't in either match. McClure took third which I think puts him on the opposite side of Shunnarah next week. Does anyone know how the brackets will be setup next week?
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As I know the brackets from a sectional the odd # stay on one side and the even go to other side. I think it will be Kevin vs Anaree in quarters and winner vs Shunnarah in the semifinals.
It goes without saying that everything was not perfect, and we as the wrestling family should probably know that a first year tournament is going to experience some growing pains. On Friday they should have wrestled the next round of cons. Hopefully they will tweak this and make it more efficient in the future.

There is really no reason for the seeding issue. I don't care if the coaches have to do it by conference call, they need to have a seeding meeting. Throwing stats in track may be a way to start, but it doesn't know the true facts. This is a NO BRAINER!

I believe the concessions in Montgomery have a contract with someone. They need to address this issue next year, because this is a big boy event and it should be treated as such. The kids(much less the parents)should not be limited to this menu.

We had a couple of kids that had phones and such stolen during the tournament. Unfortunately this is the world we live in and you should be very careful about where and who you leave stuff with while wrestling. It is very unsettling that cars were broken into. Maybe next year some of the Montgomery PD guys can spend some time outside on patrol during the event instead of blocking the fan's view. I'm glad they are interested in what is going on, but they need to rotate guys around the venue to counter act this issue. This is how bad rep's get started, and believe me, Montgomery has more than earned it's rep. as a bad crime area. Then again, maybe the issue wasn't the locals. I would hope that the wrestling kids would not participate in this activity. Probably wishful thinking on my part. But most of the boys are great kids.

I agree with Scott about having everyone there. Got to see a lot of friends and a lot of great wrestling in all classifications. I know some of the 5A folks are upset, but next year the 7A group will be in a similiar situation with only 10 or so teams involved.

For those from the Birmingham metro area that have a beef about traveling south and having to stay the night, your complaints are falling on deaf ears. I didn't hear a lot about it, but the ones that did made it known. Can't expect every tournament be 10 minutes from your back door...

Congrats to all the kids that qualified for state next week. Things will be interesting, as always.

When can we expect the brackets to be posted? As I understand it all classifications are just plugged in according to how you did at sectionals. I think the AHSAA calls it "pre-drawn". There is no reason why this is not already done.

Safe travels for everyone...
Track has them being up at 8 in the morning.

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