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Weather Delay Potential for State?
Think there may be a delay to State due to some schools POTENTIALLY being out Wednesday??

I THINK Ahsaa rules say there has to be 2 days of school for all participate. I do not think Friday would count as a day so Wednesday COULD become problematic.

Pretty sure this just happened for indoor track.

I imagine AHSAA would either...
1. Cram more into Friday 7 Saturday
2. Reschedule for sometime next week that would fit the venue.

It has started. Oxford is closing school for Tuesday. No practice so making weight maybe an issue for some.
Looks like the VBC does not have anything scheduled for Sat night so that may help keep the date.
Due to the five match rule and the no Sunday play rule, I guess moving it all to Sat would be out of the question?
The policy does not seem very binding. The two day thing looks more like a suggestion than a hard and fast rule. The "will attempt" phrasing seems to leave them wiggle room. Also, there is language about if they cannot reschedule then participating teams that can't make it must forfeit.
Mr. Hoyt,
Can you e-mail me at I have an SYWO question.
School canceled in Huntsville today.
Called about rooms at Embassy and if you change reservations for one day it is cancelled and you get back in line for the rooms. The state needs to say today what they are going to do so people can make needed adjustments.
I was assured by the Embassy Suites when I made the reservation that I could cancel the first night and not lose the rest. That makes sense since I already have the room. However they did say I needed to cancel a day in advance so I need to know today or get stuck paying over $200/night.
The thing is you will not know today unless the state makes a decision. What is the odds of that? I have 9 rooms so I am talking big money.

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