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College Recap
Can anyone do a recap of how all the Alabama kids did this year in college?
everyone lost
I heard Ben Smith took 2nd at NWCA Nationals for Shorter and J.A. Jones led Div II in pins at King.

Anyone have any more information more helpful than this:
(04-04-2014, 01:32 PM)Sharkeshia Wrote: everyone lost
(04-05-2014, 03:56 PM)MannysDad Wrote: I heard Ben Smith took 2nd at NWCA Nationals for Shorter and J.A. Jones led Div II in pins at King.
Correct on Ben Smith.
J.A. Jones was the leader in DII in early-mid February but finished the season tied for 21st overall in DII for individual pins.

NCAA Division I
2014 Blake Herrin (285, American U. / Huntsville HS) - NCAA DI Championships Qualifier

NCAA Division II
2014 Marty Carlson (133, Notre Dame College / Vestavia Hills HS*) - NCAA DII Championships Qualifier

NCAA Division III



2014 Ben Smith (125, Shorter U. / Buckhorn HS) - NCWA National Runner-Up
2014 DeAndre Beck (149, Marion Military Institute / Stanhope Elmore HS) - NCWA All-American, 7th place
2014 Greg Artalona (149, Auburn U. / Huntsville HS) - NCWA All-American, 8th place
2014 Jordan Killough (157, Auburn U. / Prattville HS) - NCWA Championships Qualifier
2014 Terrance Smith (184, Shorter U. / R.E.Lee-Montgomery HS) - NCWA National Champion
2014 Carl Brown (197, Auburn U. / Hoover HS) - NCWA All-American, 5th place
2014 Marlen Morgan (285, Shorter U. / Buckhorn HS) - NCWA All-American, 6th place
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Ethyn Holbrook (Cumberland U./ Ft. Payne HS)- finished up his season with a record of 12-9 but dnq for nationals. (141/149 lbs)
Brian Shockley (Cumberland U./ Leeds HS)- finished the season with a record of 9-13 but dnq for nationals. (157/165 lbs)
Travis Shellnut (Central Baptist/ Mortimer Jordan HS)- finished with a record of 4-8 and dnq for nationals.
Jacob Jasper (Central Baptist/ Mortimer Jordan HS)- finished with a record of 1-2 and was a redshirt.
Josh Greer (U. of the Cumberlands/ Oak Mtn. HS) - finished with a record of 2-2 and was a redshirt.

These are just the NAIA ones I know of so sorry if I left anyone off. All records were based off of the NWCA Scorebook or the schools website so I apologize if they are off.
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Thanks for the info! I didn't realize we had so many kids at Auburn and that they competed in NWCA. JA had a great freshman year. Anyone know how Geoffrey Bostany, Brandon Brindley, Jesse Masters, Blake Boshell, and Nick Hall did? I assume Rush Hall, Tommy Bostany, Jesse Smith, and Jake Smith are no longer wrestling in college? I feel like there must be some others out there. I think we're gonna have a bunch of kids at Huntingdon next year.
I cant find where Geoffrey Bostany wrestled any matches for Penn this year, but he is listed as a Senior on their roster. Brandon Brindley was 3-9 for the season at 141lbs for SIU Edwardsville. Blake Boshell went 5-8 for Newberry at 125 lbs, while Davis Bagwell went 11-4 at 157 lbs. Reed Jacks went 6-20 at 125 lbs, JA Jones was 20-11 at 157/165 lbs, and Blake Suttles did not compete in any matches this season, but all three wrestle for King College. Nick Hall went 8-17 at 157 lbs for Appalachian State. I could not find the ones you were questioning on any schools rosters so I would have to assume not.
Clay Dent saw action as the 184 lbs. starter for UTC earlier this season, however he was not the starter at the end. He will be a Junior next year.

Andru Hincy is at Shorter. He wrestled unattached after his return from injury.
Chase Cuthbertson started for Utah Valley (Div I) all year at 157 lb. He didn't qualify for the national tournament, but overall seemed to have a solid year (not sure his win/loss record).
That is correct for Boshell, he was a redshirt this year. I'm proud of the record even though he was 5 and 8 he was very competitive in ever match he was in except one which was to his own teammate. We don't have or except excuses but he did battle which most wrestlers do a meniscus tear in the same knee( but a different meniscus) as the repaired ACL tear knee. I look forward to next year and can't wait to see what it brings for Blake.
Live to wrestle, wrestle to live
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