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Nick Weldon to Penn State University
Well after a lot of discussions and some college visits Nick Weldon has decided to Wrestle for Penn State University. After talking with Cassey Cunningham this past Friday night and pondering what he should do. Nick made it official today and choose to commit to Penn State University. Nick passed up several full ride opportunities to other colleges to have the chance to wrestle for the 4x Division 1 NCAA Champs. GO NITTANY LIONS!
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Congrats to Nick! Best of luck.

With the coach's and workout partner's at PSU, he'll definitely have the chance to be an elite wrestler... but his freshman year is gonna be tough.
Yep I think every year will be a challenge and a tough year. I hope and pray everything works out for him I still cant believe that it is real but I guess it is Nick is sending in all the paperwork. Never would have imagined this 2 years ago. I guess that shows all the young wrestlers out there that with hard work and dedication anything is possible. Set goals for yourself and always continue to achieve those goals.
Fantastic. Can't wait to have Nick show Manny around the campus in a few years Wink
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Congrats to Nick and Best of Luck! We are all pulling for ya!
Congrats to Nick. Hard work pays off.
Thank you all.
Nick got his Contract yesterday he was accepted into the College of Engineering at University Park which is the main campus at Penn State University! I still have to pinch myself to make sure this is all real. So proud of him. Wrestling has definitely opened up several doors for him. He was also named the 2014 most outstanding wrestler of the year by the Kiwanis Club this past week.

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