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This camp and training center is the best kept secret in the country. The United States Olympic Education Center (USOEC) is an Olympic training program for Greco at Northern Michigan University. The students here do not compete in the NCAA but instead compete internationally in FILA tournaments. This is a feeder program for the US National team. Alabama's own Josh Greer is a resident here training at the Senior level. Josh took 6th this year at the US Open after transferring in his 2nd semester. This year there were Cadet and Junior teams from France, Germany, Sweden, and Czech Republic training with the Americans.

To train at the center, it only costs $45/day which includes food, board, and training 2x per day (3x per day if you go to Senior practice also). The technique was at a very high level. You can come up any time, it does not need to be for a camp. I would highly recommend coming up here if you get the opportunity.

Head Coach Rob Hermann:
• Olympic Coach
• 3x World Team member
• 5x National Champion
• 11x Armed Forces Champion
• 2010 World Team Head Coach
• 5x World Cup Team Member
• 1992-96 USAW Coach of / Year
• Member, National Wrestling Hall of Fame
Contact Rob at (850) 261-1719


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