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Important: Spam filter
We have been receiving approximately 1 spam posting per day from countries such as Latvia, Romania, China, etc. I have just installed a spam filter so that I do not have to manually block and delete these users. If for some reason the spam filter I have installed is too strict and is blocking one of you from posting or registering, please send an email using the "Contact Us" link at the bottom of the page and I will put you on a list to bypass the spam catcher. As always, this forum will not censor posts unless they grossly violate our terms of service. I am proud to say that at this point, no legitimate posts have been deleted, just spam.

I want to make this forum an enjoyable experience for all and I recognize how annoying spam posts can be. Please continue to enjoy the forum and engage in spirited yet civil debate.
Every so often, I receive a message that a person cannot post due to their content being identified as SPAM from our Askimet SPAM blocker. I really don't want to turn off the Spam Blocker since it seems to be working fairly well. If this ever happens to you, send me a private message and I will add you to the exception list so you can post whatever you want.

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