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National Duals Semifinals

This is the link for the National Duals Semi Finals on BTN today. My guess is that we have an Iowa and Missouri showdown in the finals.
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Glad they aired it at all - not to mention airing it LIVE. Disappointed that one of the best matches in the semi bout was missed due to the 2OT women's basketball game. You will to catch the replay at 9:30am this morning (22Feb) to see it.

Yes - correct on the Finals matchup.

Finals air live on BTN at 11:30am today (22Feb).
Wish I could've seen this live because from the Twitter updates I was getting this matchup was intense. Congrats to the Tigers for pulling the upset.

125lbs is a mess of a weight class. Gilman from Iowa loses to Boyle from UTC, then Gilman turns right around and knocks off Garrett from Cornell. I don't know about you guys but I can't wait to watch the NCAA tournament.
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