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Jonesfest Wrestlingfest with Nick Soto - This Saturday!!
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This WRESTLEFEST is a super32 warm up... Come get in the room and roll with the best k-12 kids in TN, Al and Ga...

At the Jones Wrestling Center in Cleveland, TN just outside of Chattanooga.

Topics Covered:
Scoring from feet - offense and defense. And a lot of position training. Advance levels only.

4x NCAA Southern Conference Champion Nick Soto of UTC will be leading the drilling at this WRESTLEFEST. One out of every three Higher Calling wrestlers made state finals last year..

There will be a lot very high Caliber High School and Middle School wrestlers at this Wrestlefest along with very large group of advanced youth wrestlers.

Starts at 10am.. Please arrive by 9:30 to register check in and get fully dressed

10am -11:30am drill for first hour then live fof half and hour
11:30-noon break
12pm-1:30pm drill for hour the live for half an hour
1:30pm-2pm break
2pm -4:00 drill for hour then last hour is all live

There is 2 30 minute breaks through the day. We highly suggest bringing a cooler with food and drinks for both breaks. It will be hard to leave and come back during those short breaks. We have showers and locker room if you want to shower after the day is over.

Please register on trackwrestling. We are only going to accept the first 80 kids who sign up and that includes club kids. If you don't register and we sell out, you will not get to come.

Cost is $40 - you can pay with cash or check at the door. Just leave the payment screen on track blank. If you want to pay with a credit card please pay online with track.

For Higher Calling Club Members and anyone who attended one of Bosken's camps this Summer the cost is $20. Pay Shane at the door.

Everyone that attends has to have an active USA OR AAU CARD. The cards expire August 31st so you need to renew it for this year.

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