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What's up with the Lee brothers?
Hello everyone, been awhile since I've been on here. Hope everyone is doing great. Was wondering about Eric and Hunter Lee. I'm guessing that Eric is still coaching over in the Oxford area with EAWC I think it was called. Is he going to school? I saw that Hunter a couple of years ago had planned on going to Alabama University to start with. Did he go there and is he wrestling with their program? An update on Ben Smith. He recently got his 100th win in college. He has been wrestling in the 125 lb. weight class since he got their. I believe they are close to making the decision to bump him up to 133 because he just has not had the strength at 125 and stamina. So he may choose that from here on out. He didn't wrestle yesterday with the team because he has a sore that kept him out till Monday. Next weekend Shorter will be wrestling Newberry. I believe it looks like Jordon Simpson is their 132. Hopefully Ben can give him a competitive match.
Hunter is enrolled at the university of Alabama and no longer wrestles. Eric is coaching a small school program in East Alabama. (Ohatchee)

Two very talented kids who i wish would of gave it a shot at the next level.
Thanks for the update... hope to see Eric at State this weekend then. Btw, meant to post this before now but forgot... congratulations on your success...

Best of luck at the upcoming DII Midwest Super Regional!
Gary Litzinger
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