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Metro Results
Monday was a very enjoyable night at Homewood. Homewood did an excellent job of running the tournament and adjusting the schedule to the weather. Lots of young talent in the state that will be fun to watch mature over the next few years.

Individual Finals:
77 Blaise Albarado (Thompson) over Alex Nava (Bragg) (16-2)
87 Seth Hall (Hewitt-Trussville) over Topher Hays (Pizitz) (9-8) -- match of the night
97 Sullivan Tipton (Oak Mountain) over Nick Smith (Simmons) (fall)
105 Carson Kim (Bragg) over Bryant Segars (Pizitz) (5-2)
114 Hudson Boren (Hewitt-Trussville) over Emmanuel Oliver (Thompson) (6-2)
121 Sam Willoughby (Pizitz) over Jax Pendergrass (Hewitt-Trussville) (9-1)
127 Camon Clark (Oak Mountain) over John Parker Milliken (Hewitt-Trussville) (9-4)
132 Christian Lester (Oak Mountain) over Darius Hentley (Homewood) (10-6)
137 Owen Boren (Hewitt-Trussville) over Lukas Barnett (Oak Mountain) (fall)
147 John Mark Crocker (Homewood) over Derrick Orvik (Bragg) (fall)
157 Grey Howard (Hewitt-Trussville) over Jack Higgins (Mountain Brook) (fall)
167 Alex Ward (Thompson) over Jacob Payne (Oak Mountain) (fall)
177 Leroy King (Clay-Chalkville) over Aiden Taylor (Oak Mountain) (fall)
287 Isaiah Gates (Oak Mountain) over Walker Van Horn (Hewitt-Trussville) (fall)

Team Totals (it came down to the 287 class final!)
1. Oak Mountain 290.5
2. Hewitt Trussville 280
3. Thompson 238.5
4. Bragg 185
5. Pizitz 170.5
6. Homewood 121
7. Berry 119
8. Clay Chalkville 118.5
9. Liberty Park 103
9. Mountain Brook 103
11. Bumpus 102
12. Simmons 99
That must have been very exciting! I heard the OM heavyweight is a monster. Coach McGaughy is a winning machine. I think it's time he got the recognition he is due. He has an unrivaled recruiting ability and a training system that works year after year. I was amazed with how he was able to get kids who had never wrestled before the skills to win matches right after their first two weeks of training.

The future looks very bright for OM. I hope they can get those kids to continue into HS. With the high school team in the hunt for the title this year, it shouldn't be a hard sell.
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Not hard to see why the metro area is the leader in wrestling for the state.

Steel sharpens steel.

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