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State Tourney Thoughts...
GREAT WRESTLING!!!! Best State Tournament I 've attended in years... The Venue is awesome.... 2 Recommendations: 1. 7A individuals should place out top 6th… No excuse not to… I know that 7A only goes with 8 state qualifiers, but top 6 should be the minimum just like the other classes…. Conso Semis losers should wrestle for 5th-6th place… 2. Bottom of Bout Boards need to scroll top 5 teams scores for each class at all times…I know it is on Track Wrestling, but with all the spectators in the building, the Wifi was jammed 90% of the time…
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I agree with everything you said here. Especially placing 6 in each division. A lot of hard work and some very deserving 7A wrestlers went home without that being recognized. This needs to change. Great idea on the team scores being scrolled. Wow! The 7A team competition was amazing. It took a huge upset for Vestavia to beat Oak Mountain. Nothing ran too long. Things started on time. Fans were tremendous as usual. I don't remember a State tourney being better than this one. I love Von Braun and Embassy Suites being that close and being able to head to the competition after a good night's sleep and good breakfast. Everyone did a great job!! Thank you to all!
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I am in full support of placing the Top 6 wrestlers for 7A. I do understand that they only have 8 state qualifiers, but these are the 32 largest schools in Alabama and the Top 6 deserve to hit the Podium and get their name called out IMO. The Class 7A 5th-6th place matches would be wrestled at the same time (Saturday Morning) when 1A-5A and 6A do it, SO IT WOULD CAUSE NO CHANGE TO THE CURRENT SCHEDULE… There is mat room and ample time to do it so I don’t see any reason it shouldn’t be done… These Kids deserve the recognition….
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Well said!! Completely agree.
Only 20 7A schools qualified at least 1 wrestler (only 22 teams in 7A), now if you place top 6 out of only 22 teams, assuming every team has a full line-up 1/4 kids gets a medal -- thats a joke. Wrestling should combine all divisions and place top 8 in my opinion.
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Whatever helps grow the sport here in Alabama. That's the problem. Schools are not qualifying wrestlers. I don't think the medal is the big deal. It goes in a drawer somewhere probably. To be a "State Qualifier" is an honor that is given. No medal for it, but it's a part of the accolades that get mentioned. What's the big leap to "State Placer"? No. What is the joke is that there are only 23 (not 22) teams in 7A. There should be no fewer than 38 and no more than 40 teams in any of the divisions. 54 teams in 1A-5A is laughable and creates an issue. If this was the case and there were even 32 wrestlers in your bracket and you make the consolation semis you have won at least 5 tournament matches and wrestled well enough to earn "State Placer" (medal or no medal) in my opinion. We are just talking about placing wrestlers who worked hard. If placing 6 is a joke, then why isn't placing 4 out of 20 a joke (unless you think it was)? You are still placing 1/5. 3 out of 18 is still 1/6. Let them place, just work hard and get more to qualify. I agree that smaller schools are not afforded the opportunities of the larger schools in terms of resources, but there should not be 54 schools in ANY division. 32 man bracket; place top 6. That would be good for the sport. I do like the idea of combining all and placing 8 though.
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"Wrestling should combine all divisions and place top 8 in my opinion". Larger Wrestling States like California and New Jersey do this... It would never go over here... It would cause participation numbers to decrease... I am for growing the sport, not decreasing it... I say place Top 6 in ALL three divisions....
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placing 4 of 20 is still crazy to me-- and completely agree the fact 7A has less that 30 teams is ridiculous. when i wrestled it was 6A and i believe there were 32 teams and i still wished then that there was more competition and more teams. a

also, how would that decrease numbers? it would force competition and put the best kids vs. the best kids at each weight? and ust because you have more schools doesn't necessarily mean huge brackets for state. CA has 3-4 qualifying tournaments just to get to state.
This has always been something I didn't understand. When all youth wrestling was under one roof, you had the best kids wrestling each other, regardless of what youth program they were associated with, big or small. The best wrestled the best, and it still would have been great to have larger numbers. Then they get to the High School level and they are divided up by divisions. The majority of your best wrestlers are in what is now called 7A. There are some great wrestlers in 6A, and a few in 1-5A. I don't think the size of the school has anything to do with it in Alabama. There are some 1-5A guys that work and wrestle with the other classifications during the off season tournaments/season, and then they go back to their school "classification" regular season and basically breeze through. In my opinion(and that is all it is)these guys will never know how good they really are because of the lack of competition they face. California has almost 10,000 wrestlers with ONE classification. New Jersey has ONE classification. Pennsylvania has two classifications(if I remember correctly). We in Alabama have THREE classifications with less than 1,000 HS wrestlers.

You want to generate some excitment in wrestling within this state? Make the individual tournament(traditional)an all classification deal. Qualifying rounds could be districts, sectionals, regionals, not sure on the dynamics. Then have a 16 or 32 man bracket state tournament. The "BEST" wrestlers in the state. Place top 6 or 8 depending on what size bracket you use. Just sit back and imagine the potential matchups in the weight classes this year! We have just elevated the competiveness of wrestling in Alabama. "IRON SHARPENS IRON!" I see this on the back on t-shirts and internet postings, but we aren't doing it in Alabama.

Then the next week, or the weeks before, you can have a dual meet state tournament to determine who has the best TEAMS within each classification. Just like they will have next year.

I realize that this post is going to step on some toes, but this is how I feel, and from my conversations with other coaches around the state, this is what they are also thinking. I don't think this hurts or decreases participation. I think it would make us better and more competitive as a state. IT FORCES EVERYONE TO GET BETTER!

Fire away...
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