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14U and Cadet
Any word on this tournament? The registration link went live on Wednesday or Thursday. Do you think the turnout will be worth buying a card and driving 60 miles? Or did the AWO MS State (with its "SCHOOLBOY Division Born 7/31/2000 – 12/31/2002" /nevermind only 7th and 8th graders can wrestle in it even if you were born in that range) steal its thunder?

If so can someone clarify if you can wrestle 14U tomorrow as a 9th grader if your date of birth qualifies, or if that student should go to a potentially smaller Cadet weight class?
Here's all the info i have. Finally got a flyer yesterday.

Wish we would have had more complete info sooner. Would have likely had more kids attend for us.

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There is an SYWO tournament at Buckhorn HS as well tomorrow. Birthdates of 1/1/2001 and later.
Thank you for both of your replies!
This had to be the worst tournament I have ever been to. Our team brought 12 wrestlers to this tournament yet only two were placed on our team for the team score. There was one wrestler who I don't know placed on our team. One of our wrestlers was placed in two separate weight classes and another was placed in the wrong age group. All were registered properly.
Also the 125 lb bracket on the 14 and under was only partially entered. They only entered the first round and did not enter the there rounds. My wrestler never received his full points for the tournament.
I took a look at the results and it looks like only the 14U 125 lbs bracket may not have been entered or scored. Depending on how everyone placed and bonus points, those points might have changed one team's place from third place to second place. As for the unscored wrestlers, they only score the highest scoring wrestler's points per team in each weight class. For example, for IronClad's 14U wrestlers, I see 5 wrestlers being scored and 5 not being scored because there were multiple kids in each weight class, 85lbs (2),96lbs (2),103lbs (2),125lbs (3). If you can get them spread out into other weight classes, you'd have a better shot at winning the team trophy.

It looks like the Battle Of The Best did not happen.

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