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Smoky Mtn. Duals Dec. 22-23, 2016
Smoky Mountain Duals

Gatlinburg Convention Center
Gatlinburg, TN

Entry Fee: High School- $350.00

Admission: $10.00 per day
Schedule: * Wednesday 12/21: Mats available for scheduling a practice time starting
at 1 PM and ending at 6 PM. (* There will be a large K-8 AAU tourn. Dec. 17, 18 also...)

12/22 Thursday 12/23 Friday
Weigh-in: 7:30 AM Weigh-in: 7:30 AM
Coaches Meeting: 8:15 AM Coaches Meeting: 8:15 AM
Wrestling: 8:30 AM Wrestling: 8:30 AM

Awards: 1st – 6th Team Plaques
1st Place team Coaches Award: WHOLE SMOKED PRIME RIB!

Tournament: 12-14 mats, 24-28 TEAMS (first 28 to send in signed contracts).

• Everyone is guaranteed 7 - 9 matches!
• Hospitality for Coaches, table workers, & officials.
• Each team must provide a score-keeper per table).
• Round robin / pool format; Championship Bracket following pool competition

GATLINBURG: Great place for TEAM / FAMILY vacation and for CHRISTMAS SHOPPING!

Championship Criteria / Pool Tie Breaker: Same as National Federation rules!

Contact Tournament Director Darrel Lauderdale

CELL: 865-755-7872 EMAIL:

Official Contract for Athletic Contests
This CONTRACT is made and subscribed by the Principals of the
Pigeon Forge High School and of the High School for Wrestling Sport contests in the Rocky Top Sports World Sports Facility to be played as follows:
City: Gatlinburg, TN Date: December 22-23 2016
Day(s) 1 and 2 7 AM till 7 PM
The rules of the Tennessee Secondary School Athletic Association are a part of this contract.
Only officials registered with TSSAA shall be used if the game is played in Tennessee. Names of the officials shall be submitted to the visiting school for approval at least five days before the date of the contest. The home team shall be the judge of weather conditions. In case of rain, the game will be played on:
The school failing to carry out the provisions of this contract shall pay the other a forfeit of $400.00 dollars, unless this contract is altered or cancelled by mutual agreement of the contracting schools or by the TSSAA Board of Control.
This contract shall be automatically cancelled if either school is suspended from membership in TSSAA, or if either school proposes to use a player declared ineligible by TSSAA but for whom an individual or group of individuals has instituted litigation seeking to have the courts set aside the ruling of the association. Otherwise, this contract cannot be cancelled except by mutual agreement or by authority of the TSSAA Board of Control.
Financial Terms:
Pigeon Forge High School
Principal; _______________________________________ Date:_____________
Coach or AD: _____________________________________ Date: ____________

Visiting School:
Principal; _______________________________________ Date:____________

Coach or AD: _____________________________________ Date: ____________

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