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Looking for Alabama Chairman for Ohio Tournament of Champions - April 22
We are looking for an individual that is interested in being a Region Chairman, to represent Alabama for our 25th Anniversary Ohio Tournament of Champions (, which will be held on April 22, in Columbus, OH. This year, we are expecting to hit 3000 entries.

Basically, we have divided the US into about 40 different Regions. Alabama is in a Region with Georgia,  Louisiana and Mississippi. The Region that does the best, based on their top 25 placers, will receive a $2500 cash grant, to help wrestling in their area. Some states, like Ohio and PA, are split into several Regions.

Basically, it is a "PR" job of just trying to get some of the best wrestlers, off all age levels (high school, middle school and youth) to compete in the event. No forms for the person to fill out, no having to register anyone and no having to designate your point getters. You will receive some "Wildcard Entry" flyers that are basically letting the recipient know that they have qualified for the event. You can pass them out to Coaches, send a mass e-mail out, post on various wrestling forums, word of mouth, etc...

We already have 40 states with Chairman named, including Georgia, but are still seeking someone from both Alabama and Louisiana.

If interested, you can contact Bart Freidenberg at or 614-507-1653, for additional information.

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